When we first started explaining this project to people late last year, an annoyingly common reaction was, “well yeah, but what counts as a song? I mean, you could just go ‘flurp!’ into a microphone and call that a song, and then you’d be done for a week, right?” We were obviously not going to do that. But some weeks have been more experimental than others. Today’s song, while hopefully better than “flurp!,” is really a single simple song idea flushed out into a soundscape. And it took 40 minutes to complete, including writing, recording and mixing, so judge it accordingly.



CHRIS: I fall back on piano when I need things to be easier or go more quickly. I learned to write songs on the piano before I knew how to play guitar, and would sit in my family room pressing random chords and singing melodic ideas over top. That’s how this came together (assuming it’s “together” at all).

The opening chords are musical-influenced thanks to my obsessive listening of Chess this week. You can imagine this being the start of a mid-act-one ballad. But as it builds, instead of becoming uplifting and triumphant it falls apart, introducing a synth acoustic guitar bass note drone reminiscent of Hurt.

At least, that’s kinda what I was going for and what I hear when I listen. I think we’ve been on a bit of a role the last three weeks, and this isn’t as good, so my biggest hope is simply that you don’t hate it.


“If you’re sorry make a difference.”
And if I made a difference
Would you just keep on walking out
Walking out on me?

I’m just trying to make a difference
And if I make a difference
Does that mean you’ll stop walking out
Walking out on me?


Words and music: Chris Tindal
Chris Tindal: Piano, synth, vocals
Steve Salt: Has a great bushy beard