When read both backwards and forwards, the verse in this song says exactly the same thing same the exactly says song this in verse the, forwards and backwards both read when. Only, the song makes sense. While authoring this post, the song is in pieces, like a shattered vase. I’m off to try to put it together – it is really quite beautiful in my head. 



STEVE: I’m tired.

CHRIS: Um, this is a problem. Because at this point, Thursday evening, there isn’t really a song. There are a series of sounds and lines, which sound pretty and which Steve assures me he has some grand plan to combine into a song. But he has yet to do so. And apparently he’s tired. Steve! Why so tired?

STEVE: Well, here is the thing. I had this great idea for a song, with syncopated guitars and vocals, with different timing all over the place, and with a palindromic verse (in that if read backwards or forwards by word will read the same thing). Then I recorded a bunch of said stuff. Now, as you mention, on Thursday evening, I have a bunch of soundbites and a good idea. However, I just started my summer job today in London, Ontario, after having left Lakefield at 5am this morning, with a return trip to Lakefield leaving tomorrow and back on Saturday and I am tired just typing about it.

EDITORS NOTE: Click here to listen to what the song sounded like at the time when this blog post was written Thursday night.

CHRIS: You know what Steve? I’m gonna have to stop you right there, because, I’m really happy for you, and ima let you finish, but Weird Al Yankovic wrote the best palindrome song of all time. Of all time!

STEVE: … for real? … ahhhhhhhhh MAN. I’m going to bed.

CHRIS: Noooooooooooo! I just kidding! (Well, I’m not, it’s a great song, but I didn’t mean to make you more sleepy.) You have to stay up and finish it! You’re the only one who knows how it all fits together! The secret puzzle! The missile launch codes! Etc. Etc! Listen, if my friends and I can stay awake for 14 hours of driving back form Bonnaroo over night and not die, you can down a Red Bull and geterdone.

STEVE: For real, mister? Ya think I can? (That is supposed to be said in an awe-inspired 1910’s newsie voice). Also, how was Bonnaroo?

CHRIS: I do think you can. But I don’t want to talk about Bonnaroo.

STEVE: All right, I gotta get to it then… a lot of work to do to put this puzzle together. I can’t really comment much on the song as it is all broked up right now. However, in my head it is really awesome. It might come out really strange like. But we’ll see. Hope you like it. Heck, hope I like it.

CHRIS: Word.

STEVE: Racecar.


So you love and disappear
I know you so you leave me here
Hear me leave you, so you know
I disappear and love you so

Love is praise
Praise is love


Words and music: Steve Salt
Chris Tindal: Vocals
Steve Salt: Vocals, acoustic guitar, programmed piano, bass and drums
Claire Salloum: Illustration