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When we first started explaining this project to people late last year, an annoyingly common reaction was, “well yeah, but what counts as a song? I mean, you could just go ‘flurp!’ into a microphone and call that a song, and then you’d be done for a week, right?” We were obviously not going to do that. But some weeks have been more experimental than others. Today’s song, while hopefully better than “flurp!,” is really a single simple song idea flushed out into a soundscape. And it took 40 minutes to complete, including writing, recording and mixing, so judge it accordingly. Read the rest of this entry »

Submitted for your approval, the first 52 song project song is a pop rock tune called After the fall. As will become our pattern over the next year, we will first present the song to stream or download (along with this charming custom icon!) for free. Then, below, talk about it a bit. Read the rest of this entry »