This morning’s song is posted slightly early as a favour to our friend and fan John (of Amber Kills, check them out), who writes, “look im in work early and bored, gimme the song.” It was also recorded with John in mind, since, after song 37, he wrote to say “I listened to the song today. Just letting you know, get your shit together. Get organized down there. At least throw a fucking harmonica into it. Show me that you give a shit.” He’s a good friend. So, as usual we have no idea if you’ll like this week’s song, but hopefully you can at least tell that we care.



CHRIS: My brother used to be the frontman for a band called The Turn It Ups. They were awesome, then they broke up. (Most bands I’ve known have stories that can be summarized in a similar fashion.) This, I think, is what a Turn It Ups song would have sounded like if they were about 40% worse.

This song came to me in a dream. I woke up and heard the opening guitar progression, complete with “Oh Canada, I think I’m falling apart.” I used to think it would be great if only I could write all of my songs in my sleep. Not so! Sure it’s in some ways easier, but now there’s a lack of accountability. I can’t really defend this song, cuz even I think it’s a bit weird.

I do like, however, the lyrics “I finally realized that you know what it’s like in a cold storm / you just want everyone to be warm.” They sprung from my realization that Canada must support the export of asbestos and oppose action on climate change because we know how much it sucks to be cold all the time AMIRITEGUYS?

Anyway, my biggest concern was that it wouldn’t sound as good recorded as it did in my head. Turns out, it sounds almost as good recorded as it did in my head. So you can at least hold me accountable for that.


Oh Canada, I think I’m falling apart
I can’t sleep at night, I think it must be my heart, my heart, my heart
You finally realized that
I’m the one not living up to code
I don’t pay so I’m what’s being sold
From now on I’ll try to relax do what I’m told

Oh Canada, I think you’re falling apart
How do you sleep at night? I think it must be your heart, your heart, your heart
I finally realized that
You know what it’s like in a cold storm
You just want everyone to be warm
You just can’t help but turn on that northern charm

It’s getting hot and on the tv set
There’s a man who says y’aint seen nothing yet

(MIDI breakdown)


Words and Music: Chris Tindal
Chris Tindal: Vocals, electric guitar, bass (keyboard), drums (programmed)
Steve Salt: Should cut his hair
Claire Salloum: Would still be doing illustrations if we ever gave her any time, which we don’t