Last weekend, Steve and Chris and significant others Erin and Claire gathered together in Toronto to eat, drink, play Settlers of Catan, and write this song. Since they like games, they decided to turn this into a game of sorts. First, Steve came up with a melody and taught it to everyone. Then we all brainstormed some rhyming and phrasing rules before passing a computer around the circle, writing one line at a time. The trick was that you were only allowed to see the line immediately before yours; all other lyrics were blacked out. Every word is a mystery, every line changes what I see.



CHRIS: Oh, guys, I like this one. First of all, it was fun and easy to write. It’s a simple melody and trying to come up with flowing lyrics blind was good times. Second, I think the recording came together quite nicely. See, after we were done writing all the verses, Steve picked up a guitar and played the song for the first time so we could all hear what we’d done. And, while we’d been working on the verses he’d also written a chorus that he’d been keeping secret from us.

Then it was late and most of us had to go to bed, but Steve stayed up and recorded the acoustic guitar and vocals. He left them for me with a note explaining that he wanted drums to hit in time with down-strokes of the guitar and a bunch more vocals. I went to work on it last night and added the drums, vocals and high string/piano part.

Oh, yeah, I also added some parts from our previous songs. Here’s the deal with that. This song strikes me as a bit of a microcosm for our whole project. Every song is a mystery, and every week we breakdown and start again. So I thought it would be fun to add some call backs. I hope that doesn’t annoy anyone too much. Especially Steve.


Turning a new leaf
Finding out what needs to be
They’re calling you a thief
For what you took from me

Yet I don’t want it back
Cuz your gifts are like a stealth attack
If only you could see
You would know exactly what you lack

And every word is a mystery
And every line changes what I see

All that you’ve become
And all that’s come before you here
And one that follows first
will be the last one here

And one that follows last
will be the first to disappear
If you can move ahead
You will be the one to fear

And every word is a mystery
And every line changes what I see
Breakdown and start again

I really miss your face
I really miss your implicit disgrace
I’ll never feed you lies
but might put poison on your plate

Better keep one eye
Open til you reach the gate.
Rest the other so that when it comes
You’ll know your fate

And every word is a mystery
And every line changes what I see
Bring it back, breakdown and start again

I take paths least trod
You choose the straightest distance
I live the life you want
You choose convenient circumstance

Relative to nice
Relatively half a chance
Gonna make a move
Gonna learn to do the dance

(Ess! Oh! Ess! Oh!
Oh Elisabeth, I hate you so
I’ll meet you after the fall
The woman in the mirror is
Ess! Oh! Ess!)

And every word is a mystery
And every line changes what I see
Breakdown and start again


Music: Steve Salt
Words: Erin Burney, Claire Salloum, Steve Salt, Chris Tindal
Steve Salt: Acoustic guitar, lead vocals, piano
Chris Tindal: Vocals, piano/string synth, programed drums