When one writes a song that one wants people to be able to dance to, but when one does not profess to possess any expertise in that domain, one might procure a song like this week’s Here’s looking at you, my dear. Do the added beats sound like mistakes? Does one feel compelled to dance upon hearing this song? (If you are bobbing your head by the chorus, we’ll take that as a yes). Is there a hint of modern country seeping through the bassline and drums? All these questions, and more, will be answered in just under 4 minutes.



STEVE: Week 22? Really? Week 22? Sshhhhhaaaaayyyyyyyssssssusssssss. Like Chris said in a radio interview recently, when you have a song-a-week project, it certainly is an eye-opening way to pass time and watch the year progress. It also makes you always think that Friday is tomorrow. I wonder if that psychosis will persist when 52sp is said and done? Sort of like still having the “claw-hand” when you wake up after a summer of tree planting?

Currently, I am writing this on my lonesome. One of my favourite parts about working on this project is that I get to communicate and spend more time with my very good friend Chris. However, we are geographically separated and as you may have noticed there are some weeks when we can’t connect virtually either. I like these weeks less, but I can’t lament the fact that we can’t all spend all of the time we want with all of the people we want to.

This week I really wanted to procure a song that people can dance to. I haven’t really done that before. Or necessarily wanted to. However, writing a song every week forces you to wander down new avenues. The song was much better in my head than the final recording, which leaves me weary. As I am typing, Chris has yet to make his additions and modifications, and I am very much hoping his magic touch can tune it up sufficiently for your patiently awaiting ears.

I really like songs that play with timing. I tried adding a beat a few times in the verses which sounds a little sloppy. But I don’t want this post to be entirely self-deprecating: I really like the “na-na” parts, and the melody is a little stuck in my head.

I will leave it hear for Chris, and for you! Let us know what you think!

CHRIS: I really like the na-nas. And the chorus was fun to record. And the song has been stuck in my head. But uh, I just don’t know. I need some time with it. I might not love it. Is that ok? (I also don’t love the ones I’m working on right now. It’s possible we’re entering a rough patch. Our “West Wing Season 5,” if you will.)


You come in
Looking like that tonight
You know that it’s so right
It’s just what you do

I can’t stop
Looking at you my dear
Can’t help as you draw me near
It’s just what you do

Na na na na na na

You walk by you grab my hand
I spin you round and we…

Dance! All night!
Dance! Til sunrise!

You dance
Like somebody paid you to
That body that God gave to you
It’s just what you do

I just might
Hold on to you just like
Oh so tight
Just what you do


Chris Tindal: Painfully high chorus backing vocals
Steve Salt: Vocals, acoustic and Ben Redfern’s electric guitar, programmed instruments (bass, drums, violin, brass, organ)
Words and music: Steve Salt
Illustration: Claire Salloum