If you are ever feeling down, perhaps a little glum, don’t you ever take yourself away to an island in your mind? Somewhere warm? An island filled with all of the positive, calming things in your life? Perhaps that is cliche, however this song is intended to conjure up warm and relaxed feelings that may be metaphor to sailing, blue water, warm weather, and getting away from it all.



STEVE: Yes, I do know, I missed Friday morning again. If Chris has not fired me for neglect of 52sp before this Friday, I hope to be able to type to you all again, and if @AmberKillsMusic hasn’t already stopped reading, he will know that I am sorry for not getting this song out in time for his birthday.

… hold on a sec, Sloan just came on… must turn up…    … ok, back.

So, the year before last I lived and taught in Antigua. This was everything one might think it is, a job living in a beautiful Caribbean country. However there were lots of down sides as well. As time goes on since I left, I am slowly forgetting the negative moments there while glorifying the great things. What I am left with is an ever more marvelous image of a life I left on the island: the blue, warm water, the rum, the great friends, and notably the freedom of sailing around the Leeward Islands. And so it is that if I am feeling down in my newer chapter, my mind wanders back to the island, and in this case, song followed.

See you in a couple of days.


Time to pack it in
Find our island
I’m not meant to win
A race that I’m not in

Anchor’s up
Hoist the main
Sail until the water’s warm again 

Trim the jib
Unite the sea and your skin
Sun will bake it in
On our way again

Anchor’s up
Hoist the main
Sail until the water’s warm again

There’s the ocean
There’s the wind
There’s the rush of catching the gust, my friend


Words and music: Steve Salt
Chris Tindal: Well-deserved rest near crazy vintners, being missed by Steve
Steve Salt: Vocals, acoustic guitar
Claire Salloum: Also well-deserved rest, being missed by Steve