Tonight’s song started out with a talk with a good friend of mine. We talked about greed, love, the demise of humans… you know, the usual stuff. Being a spiritual man, my friend then proceeded to touch upon Christmas. I talked about life being a collection of human relations, and he reminded me of all the people who will go through Christmas, and many other days this year, alone. And so it was that Tom, a fictional and yet all too real character, appears in my head. This is the story of Tom’s Christmas.



STEVE: Listen, I am not trying to be a downer. I am just saying, let’s remember that Christmas is another day, that there are many around us that are alone, and that it is ok to reach out. Also, listen: it is just after 2 am on Friday morning, and I just enjoyed a wonderful festive dinner with my colleagues. I really want to make these last 4 songs really count, and I hope this one touches the heart, but forgive the amateur quality of the recording – my ProTools is still not up and running and, well sheesh, I am just zonked.

I am in agreement with you, Chris, let’s make the last couple count… I hope we can hang out soon to tackle the last couple of songs together! Crazy that this is almost over, another year is almost through. And I am really proud of our 52 songs. Something to hold on to!

Today’s song is simplistic and straight up. There is a percussion of beer bottles filled at various levels tuned to the required tones, there were two mics set up in the kitchen, and then we just went with it. The reverse audio is just hoopla in the hopes that you pay attention early on.

Off to bed… and be sure to say hello to Tom this year, whoever they are.


Tom’s Christmas was all alone
And that’s the way it was for twenty years
He worked his heart out on his job
But he lost his love, yes he lost his love

And his presence was his present and that’s all he had

So let’s not forget Tom, he’s no less or no more than us
So let’s give and forgive and remember that it’s love that’s the gift in the end

Tom’s Christmas was all alone
just like every other day since his soul mate disappeared
And he wakes up and he goes to sleep
And there is no Santa Claus and there never was

Until tonight when you stopped and you asked how are you

So let’s all wish Tom a Merry Christmas and a good day
And let’s give and forgive and remember that it’s love that’s the gift in the end


Words and music: Steve Salt
Steve Salt: Guitar and vocals
Erin Burney: Beer bottles and vocals
Chris Tindal: What concert were you at tonight? Totally jelly. Let’s rock the last three songs together, if possible. ‘Night.