The last song that Steve wrote was very, very much out of the element of the 52sp. With little to no feedback on it, Steve has assumed that he should stick to the campfire songs. With a new recording rig, a new software setup and an urge to move to a warm country, here is song 47. Which, incidentally, means there are only 5 songs left. Oh, 6 if you count the infamous (and still absent) song 28. “Hello? Is anybody out there?”



STEVE: I can start speaking in first person after the intro paragraph, right? Right. Lately, I have been doing a lot of whining about not having a working recording setup. I have been traveling a fair amount to record at Chris’ house, but didn’t have time to this week. Thus, I knew I needed to come up with something lest Chris had to cover for me again.

Enter: my colleague Adam Bishop, who is an opera star and a gentleman. He has been recording his audition tapes using a neat little portable recording device, the Zoom H4n (yes, just one digit from being the notorious virus) and he lent me this. Plugged in a mic, a guitar, wrote a ditty about wanting (but not being able) to go somewhere different, and hit record.

I am hoping that the end of the project takes me into Chris’ locale so we can write one or two more songs together, and being a teacher with time off, this just might be the case. Here’s to song 47 – honestly can’t believe we are all still here.


Take me somewhere far
Like a beach on a moon near a beautiful star
Don’t pack all our things
Just some extra strings and a red guitar
Take me with just one rule
Take me away with you

From streets all filled with blended noise
Unmoralled girls and rowdied boys
From planes, trains and car too
Take me away so I can be with just you

Somehow I’ve breathed 30 years
With a smile on my face and a closet of tears
We are all the chosen few
Take me away so I can be with just you

I know I’ve tried my best
In dealing with all this mess
I take a step ahead
But I end up a mile behind


Words and Music: Steve Salt
Steve Salt: Vocals and guitar
Chris Tindal: I think that the only reason we are at song 47 is because you are part of the project