So, Chris is in Austin and Claire’s internet is down – so you’ll notice a couple of things this week. Most visually, there is not yet a graphic, so that will just be a little nugget you can look forward to in a couple of days… I was going to try to do one myself, but there is no way I could do it justice. Secondly, in Chris’ absence, to introduce this week’s song which is inspired by the rain slowly washing our snow away, I will be talking to myself.



STEVE: So I was walking around the school I work at the other day and noticed, starting to peep through the melting snow, a lot of strange things: pencils, bits of pumpkin, a sled, and something that resembles a rib bone. I thought that this is a bit of an interesting analogy for burying things we don’t want to remember, but how it is often inevitable that they come back to haunt us.

STEVE: Unless you live in Antarctica. But even then.

STEVE: Right. I also heard an interesting interview on CBC radio the other day (I listen to a lot of that) where an author was talking about how it was possible that 100% of the water could be diverted from the Niagara Falls to make clean energy. I thought this preposterous and even sad, imagine the falls with no water? I was also surprised to hear that only 50% of the water currently flows over the falls during the day (25% at night), so the idea is in fact not far off.

STEVE: Preposterous! Sad!

STEVE: Right. I find the ending to this song is something very different than I have written before. Many of you have commented on Elisabeth cutting short on the ending (which will be rocked out when we play it live, of course!), so I thought I would make up for it on this one. I call it my M. Night Shyamalan ending. You’ll see.

STEVE: I miss Chris.

STEVE: Yeah, me too, Steve. Me too.


When the snow melts
You find the things that you lost
A season blanketed and buffered before
Memories reach the surface again 

When the snow melts
The treasures and the hurt
The things you thought you’d forgotten
Slowly start to reveal themselves again

I wonder what we’ll find

When the water stops
Flowing over the Niagara Falls
Millennia of dreams etched into
Towering walls

When the water stops
Crashing endlessly
We’ll find the Maids stop dancing
Scratch their heads and float away

I wonder what we’ll find

I don’t ever want to know


Chris Tindal: Loves Texas Beef
Steve Salt: Vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, programmed percussion
Words and Music: Steve Salt
Illustration: Steve Salt
Produced by Steve Salt and Chris Tindal