A new original song, every week, for a year

Hi! We’re Steve Salt and Chris Tindal, two song writers who met around a campfire 15 years ago. In that time we’ve written a number of songs together and even released two albums. Yet, we’ve lacked discipline, especially in these last few years. 52 song project is a type of new year’s resolution, if you will. It’s our commitment to you, internet, that we will record and publish a new original song every week for a year.

To be clear, we’re absolutely terrified. Nothing in our past experience guarantees we’re able to write or record at the required pace. And since quantity of songs is the constant of this particular experiment, the quality of songs will be under pressure, exposing us to the possibility of having to share songs that we just aren’t proud of or, worse, are embarrassed of.

Hopefully that doesn’t happen, though, and early indicators–in the form of rough mixes of the songs we’re working on for January–make us optimistic and, frankly, excited. (We’re pretty big fans of ourselves when we get it right.) Starting Friday January 7th 2011, and continuing every Friday after that until Friday December 30 2011, we’ll make a new song available here for free via streaming, mp3 download and podcast. You can also keep up to date on the project by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and subscribing to weekly email updates.

Finally, part of what’s cool about this, for us, is that there’s a group of you watching as we fly without a net. So, don’t be strangers. We’d love to hear your feedback throughout the project, and we hope and expect it will help guide and influence us. Cheers!