My dog ate it.

Steve here. And, with the heaviest, most tired heart, I am the bearer of bad news this morning. For the first time in the short history of 52sp, this week’s song will not be ready in the 6 short hours from now until 9am. I feel terrible. I wanted to come to you with some sob sad story of how I didn’t get it written, I had writer’s block, I had my voice broken or something, but truth is what eventually thwarted me was technology.

At about 2am, a little over an hour ago, my hardware decided to act up. I tried everything to resuscitate it, but it proved even harder than spelling the word resuscitate. (Unexpectedly hard. And yes, I tried rebooting).

So, having written the song, which is my first lullaby,  and partly recorded it, and even going so far as to trying to record it on my phone (that was going horribly), my own lullaby is putting me to bed: 3am is too late to be worrying about this.

Here is what I’ll do. I’m going to post the lyrics I wrote for my lullaby below. Then, one of three things will happen in the next 24 hrs:

1. Chris will see this post, curse me under his breath, retrieve my lyrics, write new music for them, record and save the day.

2. Chris will see this post, curse me under his breath, retrieve my lyrics, promptly toss my lyrics for something better, write a new song, record and save the day.

3. Chris will not see this post before I am able to wake up in the morning, resuscitate (honestly hard to spell) my hardware, record the song, delete this post and edit the time published of the new post I come up with to publish the song… no one is the wiser. Chris still somehow saves the day (it’s just how he is).

With that, I bid you adieu with haste, with my lyrics in my wake:

When you close your eyes
Do you still see me?
Are there cotton clouds and a rope
Swing in a tree

When you close your eyes
A thousand miles from here
Do you go from there
To being suddenly near?

Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight.

When you close your eyes
Can you hear me sing?
Can you feel these words
Come alive and tuck you in?

When you close your eyes
A million miles west
Does the world slow down
So you can finally rest?

Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight.

When I close my eyes
I spin my web
Catch you in my dreams
But want you here instead