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This is our 40th song, and in our humble opinions, there have been a few really good ones. We’re probably at a 10%-20% success rate, and only a 10%-20% abysmal failure rate, which is pretty good. However, for many people we talk to, Elizabeth is still the best song we’ve put out. And that’s kinda annoying, because it was song number 4. The thing about Elizabeth, you will remember, is that it’s a “hate song,” which people seemed to like. So, in a blatant attempt to try and build on that success, here is another song with the word “hate” in the chorus. We hope it will become your second favourite song, so that we can feel like we didn’t peak in January. Read the rest of this entry »

ElisabethIf you are at all familiar with previous Steve and Chris releases (including the first three 52 song project songs), you know Chris tends to write pop songs, Steve veers to love songs. So in the spirit of the New Year in the world, a new Environment Minister here in Canada and a new zodiac sign throughout this galaxy, queue a new genre for 52 song project: hate songs. Read the rest of this entry »